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X3 Beam Expander
X3 Beam Expander
X3 Beam Expander
X3 Beam Expander
X3 Beam Expander
X3 Beam Expander
X3 Beam Expander
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X3 Beam Expander

The x3 mini beam expander fits perfectly on our lasers. It reduces beam divergence by increasing the beam diameter by three times. It extends the visibility range of the laser beam dramatically with the same ratio. Made with a solid stainless steel housing, our beam expander is fully focus adjustable allowing users to control and focus the beam to where they want. 

This item is compatible with our 304 laser pointers.

Product Spec
Housing material Stainless Steel
Expand Ratio  X3.3
Thread Pitch 0.5mm
Connect hole size 11.4mm
Exit hole size 29.2mm

Attention: This item does not compatible with pocket series and spiker series need the spiker adapter to use this item.

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Excellent Product!
This is by no means a technical review, as I do not have the technical specifications for the optics. This is another excellent product from Sanwu, the Beam Expander gives you fine control of your laser over varying distances. I particularly recommend this product for use with 635nm high power lasers, as it goes a long way to effectively reduce the bar shaped beam profile of these diodes. For other wavelengths it gives great performance with increasing the visible range of your laser and reducing divergence over a distance. I highly recommend this bit of optics for your laser. 10/10!
Rob White
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