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Lightsaber - Spiker series
Lightsaber - Spiker series
Lightsaber - Spiker series
Lightsaber - Spiker series
Lightsaber - Spiker series
Lightsaber - Spiker series
Lightsaber - Spiker series
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The Lightsaber Spiker Handheld Laser
The concept of this model allows users to hold their spiker laser like a true lightsaber with a stunning laser beam. The handle is 15mm longer than the normal spiker laser which makes it possible to hold the spiker laser with both hands.

This laser model is a great for acting and role playing
after mounting our saber attachment. With its light weights, it takes no effort to perform swing and slashes moves or any kind of jedi-like actions.

The lightsaber spiker guarantees unlimited duty cycle with two 18650 li-ion rechargeable batteries as the power source, tail switch is easily accessible located on the bottom of the laser.

      A badass laser lightsaber from SANWU

Product spec:
Housing   Upper body: 30*105mm Lower body: 22*145mm, 420g(without batteries)
Battery  Two 69-70mm 18650 li-ion batteries
Duty cycle   Unlimited
Warranty  One Year

Multi Operation Modes / Electronic Safety Lock 

Single mode
On / off

Multi operations mode
Low power, half power, strobe, full power, SOS and electronics safety lock

Half-press the tail switch to cycle between each mode, the laser driver memorizes and starts with the operation mode that being used for more than three seconds during the last operation

Electronic safety lock
To prevent unauthorized use, half-press the tail switch three times within the first three seconds after the laser is on, the laser will switch to strobe mode before entering the safety lock.

To Unlock
To unlock, half-press five times within the first three seconds after the laser is on and wait another two seconds, if the laser switches to strobe mode then your laser is unlocked.

Driver protections
Our driver comes with several battery protections: 
over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection
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Beautifully made and finished,
The only reason I didn't give this laser five out of five was I would like to be able to turn the focus down a little more. This would enable me to narrow the beam and get a round dot . You definitely need safety glasses. This is one of the brightest blue lasers I have it also is a great burner. I have the spiker saber 1600mw. Pauly V.
Paul Vincent
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