Silver Series - World first copper made powerful handheld lasers
Silver Series
Silver Series
Silver Series
Silver Series
Silver Series
Silver Series
Silver Series
Silver Series
Silver Series
Silver Series
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Silver series - our classic full copper long host

Silver series has the ability to dissipate the enormous heat from powerful laser diodes. We develop our first laser driver specify for silver series to improve the performance and stability of the laser. The driver adjusts the laser power constantly depends on the temperature to preserve the laser diode. This laser has all kind of battery protections: overheat, over-discharge and reverse polarity protections- more than you could possibly think of.

From the brightest 1W 520nm Green handheld laser
All the way up to a 5W 445nm burning handheld laser 

Long Silver Handheld Laser - the original design created by Sanwu

Product spec:
Housing  Nickel copper alloy, 24*215mm with 40mm copper heatsink
Power supply Long version: two 18650 li-ion batteries (not included)
***It can use two 18350 li-ion batteries after removing one of its extension tube***
Duty cycle Unlimited
Warranty One year

Multi Operation Modes / Electronic Safety Lock 

Single mode
On / off

Multi operations mode
Low power, half power, strobe, full power, SOS and electronics safety lock.

Half-tap the tail switch to cycle between each mode, the laser driver memorizes and starts with the operation mode that being used for more than three seconds during the last operation.

Electronic lock
To prevent unauthorized use, half-tap the tail switch three times within the first three seconds after the laser is on, the beam will turn dim in two seconds which indicates the laser has been locked.

To Unlock
Repeat the same process but half-tap five times instead, wait three seconds after the input 

Driver protections
Our driver also comes with several battery protections: 
over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection

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My first 'real' high powered laser. This thing is the real deal. Sanwu surely puts time and care into building quality products. Thanks.
Silver Series 445nm 3watt with G7 lens
This has to be one of the best hand held lasers on the market, it is seamless and stunningly crafted. The royal blue beam of the 445nm 3watt diode through a G7 lens is fantastic, on a clear or slightly foggy night, it appears like a light sabre. which stretches out forever. It is definitely not a toy, it sets materials on fire and is incredibly powerful, so please make sure you buy some safety glasses along with your purchase. Highly recommended. 10/10!
Rob White
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