Challenger series - World first copper made powerful handheld lasers
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Challenger series - a light weight laser burner

Challenger requires a 14500 lithium rechargeable battery to run and with its medium size body and heatsink, the challenger is able to use some high power blue laser diodes up to 2 watts. This laser has the most optional of wavelengths and output settings for you to choose from.

The challenger has two different housings, a standard shiny and seamless smooth housing and the engraved version which is engraved with delicately beautiful patterns.

     Lighting up white paper easily with a focused beam!

Product Spec:
Housing  Nickel copper alloy: 20*115mm 
Battery button top 14500 li-ion battery(not included), negative casing
Duty cycle 405nm (40 seconds on & off), Others (60 seconds on & off)
Warranty One year

Multi Operation Modes / Electronic Safety Lock 

Single mode
On / off

Multi operations mode
Performs these sequences within the first three seconds after the laser is on to enter different operation modes:

Three half presses:  Low power mode
Four half presses:  Half power mode
Five half presses:  Strobe mode
Six half presses:  Full power mode
Seven half presses: SOS mode

The laser memorizes the operation mode that being used for more than five seconds so you don't have to enter the exact combination to switch to a specific operation mode in later use.

Driver protections
Our driver also comes with several battery protections:
over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection

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300mw 405nm smooth finish
This is one of the nicest things I own... it is solid, well constructed in all details. Examining the inside, no shortcuts are visible - every part seems carefully chosen and precisely installed. Focusing is smooth and easy to adjust. I was expecting something nice after reading the comments on laserpointerforums but I was still pleasantly surprised.
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