Challenger series - World first copper made powerful handheld lasers
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Challenger series - our lightest copper made laser 

Light weight design
Challenger requires one 14500 lithium rechargeable battery to run,
it weights 110g or 3.9 ounces only, it is the most comfortable laser to use ever, even smaller and lighter than the our laser pointers while holding much more power.

Stronger diodes
The laser is capable to power up a 2W 445nm blue laser diode. Challenger also has variety of wavelengths and outputs for you to choose from.

Stylish engraving
The challenger has two different housings, our standard smooth and seamless housing and the engraved housing- delicately crafted grooves and tornado patterns on the surface.

Seamless experience
As one of the leading handheld laser manufacturer, we always ensure top notch quality of our handheld lasers, the pocket laser is fully focus adjustable but when you close the focus cap or tailcap entirely, you won't notice any obvious signs of conjunction as the laser is made in one piece.

     Lighting up white paper easily with a focused beam!

Product Spec:
Sizes Nickel copper alloy: 20*115mm, 110g(without batteries)
Battery button top 14500 li-ion battery
Duty cycle 405nm (30 seconds on & off), Others (60 seconds on & off)
Warranty One year

Single mode / Multi-operation mode

Single mode
On / off

Multi-operation mode (no safety lock)
Performs these sequences within the first three seconds after the laser is on to enter different operation modes:

Three half presses:  Low power mode
Four half presses:  Half power mode
Five half presses:  Strobe mode
Six half presses:  Full power mode
Seven half presses: SOS mode

The laser memorizes the operation mode that being used for more than five seconds so you don't have to enter the exact combination to switch to a specific operation mode in later use.

Driver protections
Our driver also comes with several battery protections:
over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection

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300mw 405nm smooth finish
This is one of the nicest things I own... it is solid, well constructed in all details. Examining the inside, no shortcuts are visible - every part seems carefully chosen and precisely installed. Focusing is smooth and easy to adjust. I was expecting something nice after reading the comments on laserpointerforums but I was still pleasantly surprised.
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