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7000mW 455nm Striker series ..
The real 7W 445nm - World's most powerful blue handheld laser Now available in the striker series with up to one hour of run time thanks the supreme battery capacity of striker. Blue laser at 7W is capable to ignite soft objects without pinpoint focusing at close distance. Beam divergence The beam divergence...
Striker saber - Striker series
The Striker Saber Handheld Laser Design idea The concept of the striker saber is to allow users to hold the striker laser like a real lightsaber that fires powerful laser beam. Combining the striker saber laser and our light saber attachment , they work as great acting props for role playing. Extended...
Striker series
Striker series - Laser designed to handle extreme laser power World's most powerful handheld laser The striker is designed to use the most powerful 5W and 7W 445nm blue laser diodes originally. Ultimate heat sinking Starting with a substantial 40mm copper heatsink within inside which surrounded by another...