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7000mW 455nm Spiker series l..
The real 7W 455nm - World's most powerful blue handheld laser Now available for spiker series with up to 40 minutes of total run time thanks to the huge battery capacity of the spiker laser. The beam divergence of the 7W blue laser diode is significantly higher than most laser diodes in the market, we...
Lightsaber - Spiker series
The Lightsaber Spiker Handheld Laser The concept of this model allows users to hold their spiker laser like a true lightsaber with a stunning laser beam. The handle is 15mm longer than the normal spiker laser which makes it possible to hold the spiker laser with both hands. This laser model is a great...
Spiker series
Spiker series - Laser designed to handle extreme laser power World's most powerful handheld laser The spiker laser is designed to use the most powerful laser diodes in visible wavelengths . It includes a substantial 40mm copper heatsink which packed by another big aluminium fins heatsink to maximizes...